Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Period

AMIRO provides warranty service and official customer support, which only applies to new products purchased from AMIRO's official website, and official stores on Amazon, Lazada, Yami, etc. For purchases made through AMIRO's authorized resellers or distributors, please contact them directly for after-sales service.

We provide a 1-year limited warranty for new products (Makeup mirror/IPL hair removal/RF facial device) purchased from AMIRO.

Replacement Unit: Warranty continues from the original date of purchase and will be extended for the number of whole days that the product has been out of the buyer’s hands for warranty repairs.

2. Warranty Forfeiture

Warranty is void in the following situations:

a) Products are marked as “sample” or “Not for Sale”, or sold “AS IS” or sent to you as “prototype”.

b) Products are purchased from unauthorized distributors or resellers.

c) Trade-marks, serial tags, product stickers have been removed, altered or tampered with.

d) Products are dismantled, mishandled, improperly used or defaced.

e) Damage has resulted from accident, dismantling, abuse, or service or modification by someone other than the appointed vendor, souse, fission or the spare part has been over the period of warranty.

f) Products are damaged due to improper working environment or operation, such as unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, failure or fluctuation of electrical power, static electricity, using the wrong power adapter, etc.

g) Products are damaged due to the violation of direction on safe battery handling and usage.

(h) warranty is for the original purchaser only and is not transferable.

3. Limitation of Damages

AMIRO is not responsible for other extra warranty or commitments promised by resellers, agents, distributors, or any other third parties. If they promised you some extra commitment or warranty, please ask for written documents to protect your rights and interests.

Return /Cancel/Refund Policy


If you want to cancel your order, please contact us via live chat or email to help you. But once the item has been shipped out (you have received the tracking number or your order status is completed) we are unable to help cancel it.

2. Return

Return Policy for Products Purchased from AMIRO

a) For Unwanted Products

We don't accept unwanted returns. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

b) For Non-Man made Defective Products

If the product is defective (non-manmade) when you receive it, within 30 days of delivery, you can get a full refund or replacement. Beyond 30 days but within a 1-year warranty, a full refund is not available, but replacement is acceptable. You don't need to return the defective item to us and AMIRO will bear the freight of new replacements

Return Policy for Products Purchased from a Third-Party

If the AMIRO product that you have purchased from the third-party stores or vendors does not function to your satisfaction, please contact the third-party store or vendor where the product was originally purchased for the return and refund policy. All the return and refund processes related to the AMIRO products purchased from third-party stores or vendors are subject to the specific policies of the third-party stores or vendors. Please refer to the return and refund policy of the original store or vendor where you purchased your AMIRO product for specific information. AMIRO is not responsible for their refund and return.

3. Refund

For orders eligible for a refund, the money will go back to your payment account.