AMIRO S1 Golden Dot Matrix RF Skin-Tightening Machine

Advanced radio frequency anti-ageing device for brighter, younger skin

World’s first stamping RF (radio frequency) facial device

Improve collagen by 90.93% in just 7 days

Customise with 2 treatment modes, daily and depth for brighter, plumper skin

Safe, effective and easy to use professional anti-ageing solution

Pair with the patented facial mask for the equivalent of 8 regular sheet masks

Use daily to reduce fine lines and create a delicate jawline and plump, apple cheeks

The AMIRO S1 Golden Dot Matrix RF Skin-Tightening Machine makes achieving the professional anti-ageing experience at home easy. Brighten your complexion, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while creating a delicate jawline and plump, apple cheeks.

Using advanced RF (radio frequency) technology increases natural collagen production by 90.93% in just 7 days. As the world’s first stamping RF (radio frequency) facial device, simply wear the AMIRO BEAUTY facial mask and start stamping for 5 minutes.

Choose between 2 treatment modes for customised daily beauty. Use the advanced 5-minute ‘DEPTH’ stamping mode paired with the facial mask, leaving the device on each section mapped on the facial mask for 6 seconds. When on-the-go, simply apply a layer of AMIRO Prep Gel and select the 4-minute ‘DAILY’ gliding mode for a quick firm and lift.

Activate Collagen Deeply With Stamping

During a 5-8 second stamping process, energy penetrates deeply into the skin's layers, as evidenced by this electron microscopic image of a dummy made from temperature-sensitive gelatin.

Stamping is the preferred method for anti-aging beauty devices as it concentrates energy and boosts effectiveness. Collagen regeneration can reach up to 90.93%, yielding superior results.

Maximize Anti-Aging Results With Increased Energy

Customize Your Anti-Aging Skincare With Two Modes

The Amiro S1 RF machine offers two modes to cater to your unique skincare needs. The depth mode, used in conjunction with our specially-made mask, delivers immersive anti-aging results. Meanwhile, the daily mode provides a simple and fast solution for regular use.

What's in the box?

AMIRO S1 Golden Dot Matrix RF Skin-Tightening Machine

Charging Base & Charging Cable

AMIRO BEAUTY Freeze-Drying Facial Mask

Preparation Gel (70ml)

Quick Guide Card

User Manual


Input voltage, Frequency range, Current : Input 5V/3A, 1200mAh

Dimension : 90.35mm*64.6mm*38.88mm

Weight : 140.6G

Model: ABF202

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Main Effect

How To Use

RF Power

EMS Current

Dermis Depth

  • Collagen +90.93% in 7 days

  • Delicate jawline care

  • Plump apple cheeks, reduce wrinkles

  • Brighten skin

Stamping with mask+ lifting with gel


R-EMS (Deeper and more even coverage)


  • Prevention and mitigation of dynamic and static wrinkles

  • Lift and tighten contours

  • Improve dull skin

Lifting with gel


D-EMS (deep current)